Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"This, Jen, is the Internet"


Nuff said....

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I seem to have become completely addicted to Twitter.
I'm obviously getting lax with my writing if I prefer to spew forth hundreds of 140 character posts rather than actually do my proper blog(s)... shame on me! The new generation of lazy net people... exhibit A = Moi.

Whats new? Well after Ffresh and Insight Out, I now have a company! Shocking but true. Its not fully up and running but I do have a scary amount of followers now, proof that I need to move my butt and launch my beta site! Go forth and sign up, the more numbers the more guilt I can accumulate to limit my procrastination tendencies... www.twitter.com/skillbucket

Dad's art is going well, not only is he having a HUGE exhibition soon (Can't tell any details as of yet. but its BIG) but he's publishing a BOOK! A BOOK! It's completely unfair as I've always planned to publish a book and he beat me to it.
Joking aside I'm very proud, I even bought some new arty cards for him to hand out to gallery visitors. (Big thanks to Moo.com for their really snazzy mini cards).
We're talking about doing some ceramic collaboration, I'll teach him how to use my kiln and ceramic materials and he'll wave his magic art skills and we'll create a series of pieces that complement his current work. Obviously I'm just piggybacking on his current artistic wave but if it encourages him to give me some studio space then why not?
Also lets me play for a bit before trying to find my own niche. (Having said that I've got that many projects going at the moment it's probably for the best that I avoid using ceramics as a means for procrastinating!)

My main focus is my dissertation, although I'm reluctant to admit it and I've been procrastinating heavily, it really is quite important! Least its started.... The website is moving forward though so hopefully all will be well.

Well I'm off, I'm a bit boring at the moment, I have a brand spanking new digital camera from christmas that I've been playing with, check out my flikr account in the side bar.

My ongoing mission for this year: To complete my patchwork quilt... although I'm not sure if thats before or after my diss :P

So until next time

Nic x