Monday, April 30, 2007

One Day Silence

One Day Blog Silence

Friday, April 27, 2007



This is a bit odd.....

Unfortunately embedding has been disabled by the user but I think this video proves that some people have strange strange minds....

As one friend put it:

It's the kingdom of penises! ... holy ****... wait does this mean when I die, I turn up wherever sans manhood, because he's gone to pervertland?

"Love filled tickle fingers?"

W T F ?!

So until next time

Friday, April 20, 2007


Just a quickie WTF FACTOR FRIDAY this week

This entry is a Bill Plympton short "Nosehair"

Nosehair... yup...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Buy some art!

Thats right, you can own ORIGINAL NICOLA LIGHT art!

Not only that, your purchase will go towards: Nic's Rent Fund. A worthy charidee that allows Nic and Tom to have a place to live...

So what will I get? I hear you cry! Well have a look at this here link:
Ebay Auction 1

I'll edit as more is uploaded to ebay... Don't delay, buy today! :P *groan*

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Friday, April 13, 2007


Yup its that time again... Its time for WTF FACTOR FRIDAY!

For No. 7 I present: "Surreal Surgery"

A mirror effect, an old education video and some strange music? Yup its WTF?!

For No. 8 I thought we should step away from YouTube for awhile and instead look at some strange Japanese inventions... Now some kind of make sense... others seem to be totally insane!

Noodle cooler fan... yup...

I think this is actually quite clever... condiments within your utensils to dispense as and when you need it directly to your food... ok its a tad weird but I think its pretty cool...

Fresh air? Feed your plant your own carbon dioxide!
Erm I'm not quite sure how this one works....

Why share one single umbrella when you can use a dual one?! The thing that amused me is the colour differences... why? Then again the whole thing is a bit WTF?, but I grant that it is a clever idea....

Need a snooze while commuting to work? Fear not because with this hat you no longer have to worry about nodding off and drooling on someone elses shoulder! THATS RIGHT, with this baby you can drool on your own! Hurrah!

I think I'll leave it there... lol

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Stealing art?

What is your view on using other peoples artwork to create your own?

Where is the line between what classed as taking inspiration to downright copying?
You could for example argue that some Roy Lichtensteins work was "stolen' from the comic authors, where he used entire comic panels and created large canvas copies. A move that raised many complaints from artist circles (particularly that of comic book artists).

However he argued that it was not simply a case of him copying someone else's art, he was attempting to bring the "art of today" into a broader scope of the art world. Its a difficult example, but it does highlight my point... was he simply copying lesser known (and smaller, comic book following) artists or was he highlighting an important idea of our perceptions of art and Art? (Bearing in mind that it was the 1960s)

Anyway the focus of this post is that of Todd Goldman aka Todd Goliath of David and Goliath]David and Goliath
(The bloke who produced the "Boys are stupid - throw rocks at them)

He has come under fire from the webcomic world for using a known comic and copying it as a painting, and then displaying it in a high profile LA art gallery (Wentworth gallery)in an exhibition entitled Golddigger.

The original image is well known and some of you will probably know of it. Its original form is from Purple Pussy by Dave Kelly from the September 19, 2001 strip. Its a popular webcomic which has been translated into a number of different languages.

So it came as some surprise when this was submitted in Goldman's exhibit:

Not only that but he's done a few of them and has slightly modified them... the original artist Dave Kelly overlayed his image over Goldman's to see how he's changed it in later revisions:

Bit too close for comfort....

This has obviously made people look at the other works by David and Goliath... and what do you know... found another similar looking character...
One being that of graphic novel artist Roman Dirge and his character Lenore

and David and Goliath's Evil L

Complete with matching cat sidekicks...
Might be a random coincidence since they do look different but share similarities.... but it does make you wonder...

Random similarity or genuine blatant stealing of other peoples work?

Most art can genuinely be copied if its NOT sold for profit... so if the painting of the praying squirrel is just on display and not for sale it is, in theory allowed... but should it be when the original artist has no clue about its existence?


On another note, its time to FINALLY announce the winner of THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY COMPETITION


Drumroll please.....

The winner is EEEEMommy!!
I'll be emailing you soon EEEEMommy, your prize awaits!

Oh and I realise I've missed last weeks WTF FACTOR FRIDAY!, I've not been on the net so I failed to venture onto the blogger world... so next friday will be two submissions... hurrah!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A diffenrent take on Wall Art

I'm really bogged down with work atm so apologies for the flaky entries!

While trying to prevent this blog from stagnating or just becoming a WTF Factor Friday dumping ground I thought I would quickly post a youtube video of a group of artists from Tokyo, Japan, who I think are a great source of inspiration and brilliant to watch.... Rinpa Eshidan... excellent choice of music too...

Just makes your fingers tingle with motivation! Very sugoi!

Mata atode aimashou! (Until next time!)