Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello.... Er... I'm here... honest!

So....I've not vanished of the face of the interwebs... at least on here! *cough*

I thought I'd show my face as it seems some of you blog viewers have been clicking on my ads recently (adsense). Thank you very much folk!

In craft news I've been crocheting like a fiend. It's hard to keep up on the stock at the Gallery at the mo as it is swamped with holiday makers here in ole Pembrokeshire. Although I am enjoying I'd prefer to do a few of my own projects soon!

Academic news: I finally have my MA! Huzzah! Now it's just a case of finding a way to use it to get a job... CV hell I believe its called...

Speak soon


Friday, February 12, 2010

Alive, Alert, Awake, A-crocheting?

Helllooo folks!

I've swept the cobwebs off the blog to do a few updates, one from the ole life, one from the ole crafty sphere and finally some techie news for this ole blog.

So first life: Academia is over and done with (well... I say over, I've applied for another MA... shhhhh don't tell folks, its pending funding and placement!) so I'm dedicating the next few months to a few of my 'I wish I had enough time to do it' projects. Aside from playing with art and crafts for a bit with these random whimsies, I'm also hoping (wishful thinking?) to make a bit of profit from them... hopefully.

So what are these fantasmagical arts and crafts that I'm dabbling with? Well currently my outlet is within my newfound skill crochet (I say skill loosely as my 'L' plates are not quite off the bonnet yet!). I learned to knit a few years back but I've struggled to teach myself crochet.
Fortunately just before christmas my aunt was bitten by the crochet bug, she managed to find a friend who could crochet to teach her. As luck would have it she was to visit later in the month and she finally laid rest my pattern reading angst... The door was finally opened and crochet ode to joy swept through the dark recesses of my crochet angst.
So what did I do with this new skill? MADE SHINY THINGS!

Crochet around a pot

Queen Anne Lace Scarf

Micro crochet!

Valentine heart bunting

Rose pins

Welsh/Easter Daffodil

Mary Jane Booties

And a big project work in progress:

So having fun playing with yarn at the moment! Although I've not limited myself to crochet, I'm also working on my webcomic which I'm finally making some progress with (unlike my previous skirting around the idea with vague sketches). Finally my kiln is being installed next week which means only one thing... CERAMICS!!

Finally on the blog front: I'm still not 100% but I think I'm going to be moving the blog to a new space. Probably via wordpress.. so watch this space, I'll keep you updated.

I'll sign off for now...

Nic x