Sunday, July 29, 2007

Band of The Week Sunday #3!

Today's band of the week is a band that I fell in love with but then completely ignored for about half a year! (Shocking!)

The Cat Empire! Fantastic Aussie band with a random mix of jazz, ska, rock, soul and a touch of latin influence... what a mix!

So until next time!


Oh P.S I've not posted about the final Harry Potter purely because I want to read it again before I go all fangirl scream happy ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny things people say.... #2

A small debate over raisins and other dried fruit ended with the following:

Bob: "I quite like raisins" (While eating a tub of raisins)

Me: "I don't mind them really"

Bob: "I was SO surprised when I found out they were actually grapes!!"

Me: "Haha yeah, my mum told me when I was little, when did you learn?"

Bob: "Just now! It says it on the packet!"

Me: " really didn't know?!....." (then proceeds to giggle)

Bob: "Well I suppose you could guess from the packaging with the whole raisins and grapes all together, but I thought that it was just a graphics thing"

Me: "So what... you thought there was a raisin tree or something?" (Still sniggering)

Bob: "Well yeah, I thought since the raisins are ugly it must be a really ugly plant"

Me: "Surely you would have learned where fruit came from at school"

Bob: "Well obviously, but not ALL the fruit, and I've got better things to do than find out what all the fruit plants look like"

Me: "Like finding out how raisins are made?"

So until next time

Monday, July 16, 2007

Band of The Week Sunday #2


Today's band of the week is Rogue Wave... particularly their track thats possibly the most prominent due to the exposure from the hit show Heroes.

If you've not heard of it.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!
It's a fantastic show! Luckily its been bought up by BBC for those in the UK and is coming soon... hurrah! Although the recent advertisements for it that the BBC have produce REALLY do not do the show justice. Its a crime! :P

I've watched the first series a few times now, its brilliantly written with very clever character plot interweaving.

As a side note, everyone should have a pet Hiro! (You'll understand once you see him ;) hehe)

Anyways, back on topic.... below is a youtube video of the bands key song "Eyes" played with some scenes from the show.


So until next time


Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Doctor with an exercise bike walk into a bar...

Had to post this youtube video, firstly purely because I <3 the doctor! (I think Tennant is FANTASTIC as the Doctor, one of the best out of the 10. He's also a bit gorgeous!) and secondly because Book of Days is a fab song....

Squeeeeeal! (Yes I admit, I'm a sad geek! :P )

On a more personal note.... I have FINALLY received my exercise bike! After the delivery being delayed by 20 days (Yup I'm serious twas 20 days) its arrived and after a bit of fiddling its built and ready to go... I've had a couple of goes on it but not a proper session yet so I'm looking forward to that (Surprising as it sounds I really am looking forward to it, me and exercise? Who'd of thought it eh?! :)

I'll post some pics later, so you can stare in awe of the shiny that is my new bike ^_^

So until next time


Thursday, July 5, 2007



I've become a bit obsessed with this video to be honest.... As for Harry Potter release date, I've already organised booking saturday off so I can read it... how sad is that?!

So until next time

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Finally! They've arrived!!

After waiting for MONTHS they've finally arrived! 120 Swarovski crystal 4mm beads! Hurrah!

For those who haven't a clue about why I'm 'wheeee!' about these little things... well they are a bit expensive buggers and I managed to get a good deal on ebay, oh the joy!

So you might be wondering what I need these things for? Hummm.... well I tried a prototype tonight to test them out....

Yup... RINGS! Beaded rings, from start to finish... I've been trying out a few different ring sizes, I'm going to sell them so I need to provide different sizes, so it makes sense really ;)

Its a bit loose on me, fits my thumb fine, but its a good trial run, one minor mistake near the end (snipped a wire!! ARGH!) but it was salvageable and the ring is quite sturdy, I've been manhandling it for a good hour and it seems secure.

So...I've started another one!....

Hurrah! Let the ring empire begin! :P
(Oh and sorry for the dreadful pics, my mobile camera hasn't been up to scratch recently, I hope its not on its way out... erk!)

On a more personal note, the boyfriend has just found out he has to have a tooth removed next week after a course of antibiotics, hope you're better soon!!

So until next time


Sunday, July 1, 2007

I don't think I'm paid enough....

As a part-time job, my current employment is not too bad, I work evenings which is a bit annoying but not taxing. I am a supervisor so I get to lock up and so forth and get 30p more than minimum wage for the privilege....

However there are some evenings where I wonder if I'm paid enough.... Tonight is one such evening. Saturday night, late night convenience store... nice mix.

To be fair it was fairly quiet... then we had this gentleman come in with what seemed like a cut thumb. He asked for some plasters (Band aid for you americans) after he lifted the tissue he was using to stop the blood me and my colleague quickly realised that it was a bit more serious than a plaster worthy cut.... there was quite a bit of blood and once wiped the extent of the damage could be seen. He'd cut his thumb down to the bone! It was a slow filling crater in his thumb in between the two knuckles and the bone itself was a stark white.

Whether it was the removal of the tissue and him moving more animatedly or possibly the increase of temperature from outside to inside (Probably a combination of all three) but whatever had clotted decided not to hold and he started to bleed a bit more freely but was still adamant that it was "Just a scratch, I just need a plaster and I'll be fine once I'm home"

It was obvious that he wasn't and that his hand needed stitches... my offer to call an ambulance was flatly refused and he threatened to leave if I did... So I went to get our first aid kit. Unfortunately it consisted of a foam pad, a plaster and two eye patches.... nothing particularly stood out as useful for this particular situation...

In the end I offered to run to the university porters (Who while I presumed had a first aid kit, would also be able to call an ambulance without raising suspicion) and he allowed me to do that.
Luckily there was a policewoman on her rounds visiting the porters at the time and offered to speak to him. We both went back to the store and she managed to get him out of the store and rest just outside and then finally managed to persuade him to get a paramedic out.

Meanwhile us store staff, had to disinfect all the blood from the counters and front door.... joy.

I'm very glad he's ok, and I'm especially glad he finally got some medical attention, but really, is it worth minimum wage to have to deal with that? I know I would have unquestionably done something regardless of whether I was working or not, but while I'm working, could people please not bleed in the store? :/

So until next time