Thursday, August 16, 2007

Confirmation.... I'm running the marathon!

Yup its true! I'm running the 2008 Flora London Marathon!
Kids Kidney Research have fully confirmed and offered me a Golden Bond placement... so no excuse now for slacking off! ^_^

Wanna help me reach my goal of £1250? Please visit the link to donate to my fund!

All for little Lois and others like her.

I'm sending off my signature tomorrow, and after that it should be all sealed, signed and done.

Rather scary prospect really....

So until next time!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Marathon Training....

So, it starts....

Yup I've started formal training....

Running outside! (Not just peddling on an exercise bike!)

I'm following the Flora London Marathon 24 week plan which supposedly I'm to do twice over in order to feel the full benefits...

I've started to lose weight now, about a stone. I'm feeling much better about the prospect of making it to the end of the race now, I was a bit concerned at first that it would be impossible! (Although I'm still a tad worried about heat and sun, being a ginger does not mix well with direct sun... I get moon burn! ^_^ )

Still waiting for the charity to fully confirm my place, but with the news that Spar is willing to hear me out about sponsorship I think it's coming together... albeit slowly.

So until next time


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Funny things people say.... #3

In Spar customer comes in and walks up to the counter and faces the staff in front of the cigarettes....

Customer: (VERY BBC English) "I'll have a disposable ash tray please"

Spar Employee: "Er..."

Customer: "No... er.. a... a..."

Spar Employee: "Lighter?"

Customer: (Acting as though he'd meant it all along) "Yes,Yes. One of those."

I think it was purely because the bloke was behaving like a pompous ass that made this VERY funny at the time...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

London Marathon entry... Sent!

The ballot has just recently opened for the London Marathon and I've just applied!

I've also applied for a "golden bond placement" for the Kids Kidney Research charity in honour of my cousin Lois (Every charity has a number of these bond places to guarantee runners for their charity, but if you get a place form the official ballot you can still run for the charity, it means they can have even more runners).

I've got my training plan from the Flora website, which I've now started, but unfortunately I don't find out until November whether I get the place or not... Which is a bit annoying if I get a "golden bond placement" from the Kids Kidney Research charity as I have to pledge a minimum of £1250!! oO
One good thing about the the golden bond placements are quicker and I should find out in the next month or so...

I've got a plan to document the marathon training all the way to the day in another blog, one specific to the marathon, and also on film which I may youtube if its good enough!

I'm hoping RAG (The society that allows the university to raise money for charity) can help me out a bit if it is the case that I get a golden bond place, as I think I'm going to struggle to raise that huge figure... and if you don't you don't get to run!

I'm up to an hour and half on the exercise bike every day and short runs with some mates around the Lampeter countryside every other day... so I'm on track at the moment, but no major training as such just yet.

Its a bit annoying the wait between application and results of placement as all the training in the interim may be for naught... I suppose fitness is good regardless!

So until next time!

Nic x