Friday, June 27, 2008

No music festivals for me this year.... and a mini update

Yup... Not a single hint of festival music joy for me... unless you count tv coverage!

Nevermind, always next year!

I've become totally addicted to The Verve's new single Love Is Noise. At first I wasn't too keen but after a few replays I've completely fallen for it. It's available for FREE DOWNLOAD! on monday.

If you want to check out the song try their myspacemyspace

and then on monday visit The Verve website to download the track: The Verve

So... update...

Not much to report... end of term uni wise... didn't get the job I was aiming for to help fund next year (Not a problem but would have made a change from my current position)... have booked my driving test (FINALLY)

Have some more crafty bits to show off but I've left my camera somewhere daft so it'll have to wait until next time...

So until next time

Check out The Verve single or else!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Band Of The Week #4

This band of the week stuff kinda fell apart didn't it?... Lets try again shall we?

Here's a nice oldie:

Chicane - No Ordinary Morning

Until next time!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Doctor Who - David Tennant and Squee...

For those that know me... you already know my obsession with Doctor Who... and currently The Tenth Doctor Who.. Mr David Tennant himself...

What to do with unhealthy fangirl axis of Squee?? Why write into the object of obsession's official website of course!

And lo! Amazingly my artwork was featured in the fanzine!

Now what could top that? It's a tough one... but I do believe an AUTOGRAPHED DOCTOR WHO POSTCARD may just do it! After writing to Tennants agent (and expecting nothing) I was amazed to find a letter through my letterbox, within which contained this:

SQUEE!!! ^_^