Friday, May 18, 2007

Something for the music lovers to think about....

Just how much of modern day music is influenced by pachelbel?

A brilliant music skit by Rob Paravonian thats been circulating the internets for awhile now, but since I'm feeling rather musical, I thought it warranted a quick blog... hehe

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Listen to my music!

For those that want an insight into my music tastes listen to my new radio widget!... All thanks to the fabulous! (They are the ones who allow me to display my weekly music chart in the sidebar, how nice of them!)
I've been a member for awhile now, I love it!

GingaNic's LastFM User page

I've added it to my sidebar instead of directly in this post as it seemed easier than having a mass of widgets floating about on the main page!

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Friday, May 11, 2007


*Drum roll....* Yes, ladies and gents its time for WTF FACTOR FRIDAY! *Canned applause*

This week its retro remix music... Super Mario techno?

Pretty groovy... pretty WTF... but what do we care, its super mario!

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer 2

I know all you Potter fans will know that this has been out for a bit... but today I just had to get another fix and watch it again.... and forever more it shall be in my blog...

Harry Potter *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!*

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crafty beads.... and plushies!

I think there's decidedly not enough craft stuffs on here!

So I'm going to show case some beeeeads!

I managed to get this bundle for £3.20 from ebay... the woman who was selling it had given up the hobby. She lived so close (I didn't realise this at the time) that her husband dropped them off so free p&p!

A crafters squeeeeal ran through me as I opened the box... more and more beads!

So what to make I hear you cry?!
Well I've started small... Beaded animals! (Coincedentally some of which are available to buy on my etsy store *cough* :D --->)

Beaded Goomba

Seahorse earrings



So apart from beeead overload, what else have I been procrastinating with?... Well although mums sewing machine has now been kidnapped back home *sniff* I HAD to give this a whirl BY HAND *faint*:

Although unfortunately I forgot the head gusset so it only has one ear... Oops! The Boyfriend says that its not a scottie dog but is in fact a unicorn... I hit him...

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New layout!

New layout with thanks to:

Magic Paper

A cheat since the template isn't mine.... but lovely anyways :D

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Serious Rant: Smoking Ban in the UK

The reasons that prompted me to blog about the current smoking ban in Wales (For those that don't know I live in Wales...) that was introduced on the 2nd April 2007 was due to a debate that began on the unofficial Lampeter Students forum Lampyland.

While I understand the fact that the ban is a pain for smokers as it prevents them from smoking in public areas; ie pubs, clubs, restaurants and the like. I can't understand the extreme outcry that seems to have been produced by it....

Its been proven that second hand smoke can cause lung problems, the extreme of which is lung cancer, and that the toxic fumes within a building is significantly more concentrated than outdoors (obviously). While I understand nipping out in the rain to feed the need for a nicotine hit is undoubtedly uncomfortable, I don't see how that is really a problem, its a few minutes out of your life and hey presto you've had your hit and you're ready to join the rabble again.

The ban was needed because SOMETHING had to be done. It was and is a public health issue. Which leads to the issue of the non-smoker. On the afore mentioned forum one member stated that:
The only non-smokers to get lung cancer from tobacco smoke are those who work consistently in smoky atmospheres. Barmen, full-time waiters and waitresses and (until they banned it on aircraft) air hostesses. The people are taking a risk, a standard occupation hazard which they are well aware of.

It would make just as much sense to ban slippery floors, hard edges, germs and sharp things.

The human individual should probably be given rather more credit.

I think this is rather narrow minded, for the ban is not only applicable to pubs, but is in fact applicable to all public arenas. A child is just as probable to frequent a restaurants for example. Are they not at risk too?

Cancer Research:
Children are particularly at risk because they breathe faster than adults and have underdeveloped immune systems. A study by the Royal College of Physicians showed that about 17,000 children in the UK are admitted to hospital every year because of illnesses caused by second-hand smoke 41.

A large study of over 300,000 people found that children who were frequently exposed to cigarette smoke at home had a higher risks of lung cancer as adults 42. Another study found that children in households where both parents smoke have a 72% higher risk of respiratory diseases. And the EPIC study found that exposing children to second-hand smoke increases the risk of bladder cancer later on in life by a third.43

So one could argue that they are in fact more susceptible to lung problems as a direct consequence to breathing in tobacco smoke. I think its a bit far reaching that young children do not attend public places like restaurants. I was a frequenter of restaurants from a very young age, my parents made a point of including me into their world instead of foisting me off with some babysitter eating some crappy turkey burger shapes, chips, beans and the such. (Which beyond school dinner food I've NEVER had, my parents made a point of me eating what they ate, albeit Caesar salad to bloody calves liver) What better way to promote good eating etiquette than to be brought up visiting restaurants where bad behaviour is simply not tolerated?... But that's another rant...

The argument that its the non-smokers fault for not leaving a smoking room seems a bit to wet for me. Non-smokers do not actively change their environment, smokers do, and their smoke can remain within an enclosed atmosphere long after they and their smoking habits have gone. Saying that I respect a person who does have a habit, its their choice... but it's not a non-smokers choice to breathe in their waste products.
So again links back to my original puzzlement, what is wrong with popping outside?!

So what am I saying? Are we becoming victims to a nanny state? Or is the ban an attempt to address and curb growing numbers of health problems, all of which are smoking related yet some of which are been developed by non-smokers?

While I think a ban on freedom is not something anyone should condone, in this case, I think its the only way to ensure the health of those around you, of non-smokers, of your




After that ramble... I think I'll leave you be...
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Friday, May 4, 2007


Yup its that time again!!

WTF FACTOR FRIDAY! Its already reached its 11th friday! Shocking!

Well lets move on

This week isn't so much WTF, its actually an animated poem, one that struck me as needing to be shared, while retaining a certain element of WTF (As bec discovered while watching the thing with no sound :P).

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