Saturday, February 24, 2007

WTF FACTOR FRIDAY!...erm... SATURDAY! (For this time only) #1

Before I start I just want to point out that finding a # sign on a mac keyboard is almost impossible. After spending a good five minutes searching for the flipping thing, I realised I could google! (doh!) and found it to be a secondary function button of 3 so pressing 3 on its own results in the number 3... shift & 3 = £ and the mac function button & 3 results in #... hurrah!

Anyways onto this weeks WTF Factor Friday entry...

For the first entry, I thought I would post something thats been floating about YouTube for a good while now.
This weeks entry is a YouTube clip taken from a Japanese childrens program "Pythagoras Switch" and is called "Algorithm March". This particular clip is with Ninjas...

Random dance, Ninjas, Weird catchy song? I think we're onto a WTF Factor Friday winner here...


I dare you not to play it again!

So until next time...


Random Update

So I've had this blog for about four days now... still in its early stages, yet I've found that someone in Australia has stumbled upon it! How bizarre, especially considering it currently has a distinct lack of content. ^_^

Best get on with some content now... otherwise all those Australians are just going to wonder why they're here! :P

This week has been quite good. Last Saturday attempted to go to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Lampy with Bec

but failed due to lack of courage (we were late and didn't quite make it past the door) so a last minute reshuffle and in a rather impulsive move we threw together outfits and went to the Union's Fancy Dress night...

Had a blast despite forgetting my keys and finding boyfriend fast asleep and unwakeable (thus locked out) Was very close to having to have an impromptu sleepover at Becs enjoying her floor (I do sleep and sit on the floor regularly I find it rather comfortable, though it might explain my dodgy knee). However I managed to get in contact with a friend who lives in the same flat complex ans me, and he managed to bash the door until boyfriend awoke! So I went home knicking a pair of becs socks in the process...

Tuesday was pancake day... one of my favourite days. For as long as I can remember I've always made pancakes in my house, but this year for some strange unfathomable reason I forgot the damn recipe! o_O
As luck would have it Frackis saved the day and gave me Delia Smiths lovely recipe.
Now I know Delia Smith is a bit of a frumpyesque TV Chef but she really does make good food recipes, especially pancakes!

Our pancake table... Mmmmm
Savouries and sweet... YUM!

Although I'm rather partial to a bit of Jamie Oliver if I do say so myself ;P
The boyfriend is particularly good at some of his recipes... which although in some cases undoubtedly adds to the hip inches its worth it!

Thursday was Frackis' Birthday... Happy belated Birthday!

Although not packed with events (I've omitted my MA related stuff because it would probably bore you to tears) all in all a relatively busy week.

In other news...

I think I'm going to introduce a segment into this blog to shake things up a bit... A blatant stolen segment from YourTubeNEWS but I don't care... its the WTF Factor Friday... I'll update every Friday with a WTF?! YouTube video or website.

Since I have an entry ready, after this post I'll post another under the proper WTF Factor Friday title :D (Even though its saturday, it can be a belated introduction!)

So until next time...


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fiddling about with script!...

Ok after fiddling about with scripts and code and mindbogglingly (try saying that fast..) confusing tech stuff I think I've finally got this blog sorted out... Although knowing me, I'll probably fiddle about with it even more and cause some sort of ugly mess!

Thanks to for the lovely template code for me to mess about with and alter (for better or worse...) and for linking me to some very pretty font sites.

I think I need to learn some more about this code stuff, its interesting but also very frustrating when it doesn't work they way you want it to! But this has been a learning curve, I know Rav (boyfriend) will laugh due to the fact that he could probably do what took me about 5 hours in about 4 minutes! *sigh*
I refused his help as I wanted to prove to myself I could do it... and finally I have (thank god).
I'm quite proud *snigger*

So onwards with the blogging!

I have a small YouTube channel and I wanted to share one of my videos on here. While it isn't the best video in the world it seemed like a good starter for 10...

This is a film of the random snow storm that was unfortunately unforcast and thus unprepared for...
Very pretty, but caused a few traffic problems as it became worse, even the gritters became stuck!

I may split my craft tutorials onto a seperate blog if I post frequently, it makes sense to keep things organised... We'll see...

So until next time...


Hello Interwebs!

Hello everyone!

Well not everyone, I know in reality only just a handful of people will actually:
a) Read this
b) Be even remotely interested in what is being written down here anyway and
c) Will actually find the thing!

The aims of this blog and website is twofold (a rehash of the front page really, but since it may change over time so I thought I would repeat myself here just in case...).
The first is to record (and try and flog) some crafty wares, by providing some tutorials, and some shameless linking to my Etsy and Ebay store... (I’m a student what do you expect?!) The second aim is to document some memories of the final formal year at uni.
Alas it is the last year within which I am partaking in taught modules, tis the end of an era... (Everyone: Awwww!)
I’m currently doing an MA in an attempt to remain a student however I’ve recently been forced to concede that after three years completing a BA and almost a year doing an MA that I’ve nearly reached the end of the phenomenon that is Being a Student.
After this year I will spend my final MA year perfecting my woesome waffling writing ability in the form of a lovely 20,000 word dissertation, the topic of which is still MIA... (Incidentally if anyone happens to find said topic I would be very grateful if you could tell it off and tell it to come home immediately!...)

Some of the more observant friends may be aware that this is my second blog, my first having been spammed to submission due to an
internet troll so this is act 2... the revenge! Mwahahaha

Right lets start the showing off straight away... no point in beating around the bush eh?

Above is some new piece of art... its been ages since I’ve painted anything and I wanted to give it a go again and see just how much I’ve creative skill I’ve lost... as luck would have it I can still hold a paintbrush! Huzzah!
I’m gonna try and flog it on ebay soon I think, a couple of quid wouldn’t go amiss at the moment and its currently cluttering up the living room, in which ther
e is limited space in the first place!

I was considering posting my some of my old lost posts as I thought
they would be applicable to post, but after considering all the pros
and cons I think I’ll leave it be. Instead I’ll post some mini blogs
with a general rehash of certain bits that are worthy... Afterall
this is a new blog, it deserves new content :)

On that note I think I’ll draw this to a close, I’ve bored you long
enough (unless you skim read the entry in which case
- shame on you!).

So until next time!