Friday, November 14, 2008

Ffresh, Nesta, Insight Out.... Oh my!

After ffresh, I was encouraged to apply to the NESTA Insight Out course. After a fairly scary board interview I was amazingly given a place on the course. It was really useful in developing my company ideas and format, and how/if the idea was even viable.

I managed to drum up a bit of media coverage too. Nothing major, the local paper and my university website but as they say, every little helps!

University news post:

Creative Business Wales supports Lampeter Media Production postgraduate’s modern day Skillbucket: where funky crafts meet the Internet

Everyone has heard of Facebook. Now Lampeter Media Production postgraduate student Nicola Light hopes that her Skillbucket business venture will be similarly successful. Having entered the idea into the Pitch to Win contest at Ffresh: the student moving image festival of Wales and won through to the final in February 2008, Nicola is now taking her vision forward with the guidance and support of Creative Business Wales, as she develops her innovation into a successful new creative business. During September and October Nicola will receive individual guidance, mentoring and support as well as help and advice on her business plan, having won a place on the on the Welsh Assembly Government’s Insight Out programme for new Creative Businesses in Wales.

The central theme of Skillbucket is that it connects the creative DIY and crafts movement and modern interactive media, using the Internet to create a community of users that will support and educate its users in the fun and exciting world of contemporary crafts.

Nicola describes her vision of Skillbucket as “a unique project that is dedicated to all things craft, providing information and resources primarily for users in the Wales and the UK that are itching to display their creative talents without breaking the bank.”

“The connection between ‘New Wave Craft’ and the Internet will allow the audience and the craft producers to interact in ways unimaginable 15 years ago”, explained Nicola.

So what were the results of the Insight Out programme?
Well I won a grant of £1000 to develop the business, made a dozen of useful contacts and was given a "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" certificate which fuzzled my ego nicely...


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